121562_omegacrunchshelledflax_Omega Crunch exists to create a world of healthy families and to develop and innovate products that are fun, healthy, and easy to use. The Flower Cart Group has produced Omega Crunch in small batches in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

Omega Crunch is made up of 50% flaxseed kernel. The remainder of this product is made up of flaxseed hull and whole seed. You don’t have to grind this flax. It is fully digestable so you can eat it just like the ground flax, and still enjoy all the benefits of fibre (from the dark shell) and the wonderful oils and omegas (from the yellow kernel). Among other benefits. Plus, it has a long shelf life and it’s been roasted with different flavours to make it delicious to sprinkle on top of anything you eat!

Since 2013 Omega Crunch has been available on www.omegacrunch.com. Check it out, as well as several other fantastic natural food products. Supporting Omega Crunch means supporting work for our participants in Flowercart Industries.