009If you have work, The Flower Cart Group has workers! We can supply short or long-term employment contracts and give you the workers you need to accomplish your work tasks.

The Flower Cart Group will work with your business to determine your needs and your budget. Using a contract template, we will develop a formalized agreement with your business, specify the scope of work, the rate of pay, start and end dates, and so on.

Our workers will be hired by The Flower Cart Group to complete the work and we will provide contract employees with appropriate support, supervision and training. We will also evaluate any health and safety risks associated with completing the work and work with you to address any concerns that might arise.

Since contract employees work under the supervision of The Flower Cart Group, they are covered by our workers compensation and commercial general liability insurance while at your work site.

To discuss having a contract for labour services at your place of business, please call Kelly Godfrey at 902-681-2614 or email  kellygodfrey@flowercart.ca

Contracting work out helps you in several ways:

  • Top quality work
    Your satisfaction is very important to us. During our initial negotiations we will draw out your exact requirements. Quality control is built in to the work plan.
  • Cost efficiency
    Take tasks out of your higher-paid employees’ responsibility profile and assign them to our Community Employment Services contract employees. The cost is based on fair wage, the amount of work to be done and the number of people hours required to do the job.
  • Less HR hassles
    No recruiting, scheduling, or supervision of workers – we handle this for you.
  • Help with training
    You train one representative of The Flower Cart Group, our Supportive Coworker. Once our Supportive Co-worker understands your requirements, s/he will work with you to ensure that the contract employees meet your standards.
  • No payroll problems
    The Flower Cart Group bills you, at the end of each month for the work completed in the month. You only write one cheque! We pay our workers.

By contracting with The Flower Cart Group, you help us with our work, too. Contracts are a vehicle for employing clients who are ready for more independent employment.