The Flower Cart Group is responsible for raising a significant proportion of operating revenue and each year approximately 50% is earned through social enterprise activities. Less than 1% of FCG revenue comes from fundraising and donations.

Our products are numerous and varied. An exhaustive list of programs, departments, projects and the products they provide follows:


  • Commercial, apartment, and self-storage unit rentals

Baker’s Choice Fine Foods

  • Bread products, both wholesale and retail in a government inspected facility.


Community Employment Services

Flowercart Industries

  • Mailing, collating, packaging, light assembly
  • Preparing single use items for Michelin Canada Waterville
  • In-house canteen sales
  • Catering
  • Used golf balls
  • Used clothing (sale to wholesalers and retailers)
  • Woodworking
    • Kindling (wholesale and retail)
    • Washer toss games
    • Survey stakes
    • Picnic tables
    • Rosettes (decorative corner blocks for use with interior trim)

What’s Cooking? Commercial Kitchen Services

  • A government inspected kitchen for cooking, baking, dehydrating
  • Small-scale co-pack services –  we will make your product to your unique specifications including packaging and labelling
  • Packaging for Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative
  • Packaging for Steep Hill Solutions/Omega Crunch
  • Packaging hemp oil products for Atlantic Healing Hemp