2015-08-28_ucww-work_1063_devinThe Flower Cart Group believes that everyone has the right to meaningful, challenging employment. We are a collection of social enterprises united in the goals of promoting community participation by adults with barriers through supported training and employment.


Over the last 45 years, FCG has operated as Flowercart, serving hundreds of adults in a wide range of service options. In 2016 we launched our new FCG brand in an attempt to more accurately reflect our evolution as a diverse service provider.

Flowercart Industries was established in October 2015 as an amalgamation of our previous Prevocational and Vocational programs. FCI teaches work skills and provides participants with training and counseling.

Baker’s Choice Fine Foods sells home-style bread products baked daily. Wholesale commercial make up the majority of our clientele, but products as available for purchase by the general public.

What’s Cooking? Commercial Kitchen & Co-Packing Services can make your commercial food product in a government inspected kitchen to your unique specifications, including packaging and labeling. We can even coordinate the pick-up and delivery of the finished product.

The Contract Services program represents our mobile supported employment model in the community and includes our long-standing contract with Michelin in their Waterville plant. Our Support Teams look to establish employer partnerships, provide recruiting, training and retention support, and handle all administrative duties like payroll and invoicing.

Supported Employment Services provides services to participants who are able to work unsupported in the community. This includes  training and skills development to increase their employability, and working with employers to accommodate workers with barriers.