2016-04-07_donair-spice_1608_amandaOur History

The Flower Cart was established in the fall of 1970. With the assistance of the Kings County School Board and the Provincial Department of Social Services, the former New Minas Elementary School was selected as the site for an activity centre that focused on work-related training. By 1972, seventeen individuals were participating in a year-round program.

Over the years Flowercart developed into a vocational training and employment service. The focus was to provide a wide range of employment options to meet the abilities and needs of the individuals using our service. These options included full and part time work in the workshop setting, as well as work in the community. Flowercart became an integral part of the production processes of several Valley businesses and resulted in increased community-based work for clients.

In 2016, in recognition of the organization’s evolution into a diverse collection of socially-minded businesses (social enterprises), Flowercart was re-branded as The Flower Cart Group. The Flowercart name has been retained in the form of Flowercart Industries.

Our Vision 

The Flower Cart Group supports a community in which all citizens are fully included and accepted.

Our Mission

The Flower Cart Group promotes community participation of adults considered to have an intellectual disability through supported training and employment.