The Flower Cart Group has had a labour services contact with Michelin Waterville since July 1998. What started with just four workers in the plant has grown into our largest contract – 40 full-time employees working at several different work posts in the plant. We sharpen knives, clean machines, perform inventory and supply delivery duties, and strip rubber to recover waste product.

Our workers typically have little or no employment experience, or they have gaps in their work history and barriers that have prevented them from finding work. Employment with our Michelin contract means they will have reliable income and a dependable schedule, a manageable work load and a Support Team to help them meet their goals every day.

Exposure to a great team, a safe and cooperative workplace, and the production expectations found in the Michelin environment present a terrific opportunity for our workers. Many of our workers have transitioned to other employment, either with Michelin or with other contract agencies, and we support them along the way.

For Michelin, our partnership has allowed them to rely on The Flower Cart Group for a flexible, dependable workforce. We are present and productive in the plant every day, allowing Michelin employees to focus on their own work tasks and letting us handle the rest.

To inquire about openings in The Flower Cart Group’s Michelin Contract, contact interim Co-ordinator Shelley Hopkins at 902-6703472 or shelleyhopkins@flowercart.ca