Baker’s Choice bread offers homemade bread products without preservatives. We make fresh bread and rolls daily. We offer traditional single or double loaves of bread as well as a variety of dinner rolls from which you can chose! Some of our more popular items include our brown bread (some call it porridge bread), cheese bread, garlic bread and our whole wheat offerings.

We are a wholesale bakery who sells items made to order from commercial businesses and community organizations. Let our Baker’s Choice team work with you to make a product that meets your unique needs. For a special event, your bread needs at home, or to stock your organization’s kitchen, give us a call. We can handle any order, large or small.

For the best service, and to avoid disappointment, please call 48 hours in advance to place your order. We are open Monday – Friday. Once you have our bread, you will come back for more!

Call us at 902-681-6766 to place an order. Click here to download our 2021 Price List.

Price list for all items effective January 1, 2021. Prices subject to change.

Roll products can be made using 60% Whole Wheat dough for an extra $0.05 per dozen

Orders require 48 hours notice please. Minimum order is 5 items

Double White Bread $1.75
White Bread $1.50
Brown Bread $2.50
Double Whole Wheat Bread $1.80
60 % Whole Wheat Bread $1.55
Cheese Bread $3.60
French Bread $1.70
Garlic Bread $2.25
Mini French Bread $1.00
60% Whole Wheat French Bread $1.75
White Rolls (dozen) $2.00
60% Whole Wheat Rolls (dozen) $2.05
Brown Bread Rolls (dozen) $2.50
Cheese Rolls (dozen) $3.60
6″ Mini Subs (dozen) $3.40
9″ Subs (dozen) $3.60
12″ Large Subs (dozen) $4.75
Small Sandwich Buns (dozen) $2.55
Sandwich Buns (dozen) $3.40
Hamburger Buns (dozen) $2.55
Hot Dog Buns (dozen) $2.55
Large Kaizers (dozen) $3.40
Small Kaizers (dozen) $2.55
Cheese Kaizers (dozen) $4.95