The Flower Cart Group offers a variety of services. dougOur programs are established to identify and address the needs, and promote the abilities, of adults considered to have an intellectual disability.

We focus on developing individual potential, assisting individuals to have more meaningful participation in their community, and meeting individual challenges that need to be addressed before supported community employment can occur.

In order to achieve these goals the program focuses on the development of competencies in many areas that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Life skills, including self help skills
  • Social skills
  • Functional academics
  • Communication
  • Community access
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Workplace relationships
  • Work skills

For some, the focus is on building life skills and social skills. For others there is a stronger focus on job skills, as competitive employment may be the ultimate goal.

Flowercart Industries provides valued work and training opportunities through on-site business activities in order to assist each participant to achieve the job performance skills, as well as the work-related attitudes, habits and interpersonal skills required to be successful in any work setting.


Supported Employment Services exist to:

  • establish and maintain clients in jobs in the community which fulfill the clients’ realistic employment goals
  • maintain or increase the success of clients in community jobs
  • help clients acquire or enhance generic work skills, job-specific skills and employment maintenance skills
  • increase employability of clients
  • provide paid employment for clients
  • provide or facilitate work experience and training opportunities for clients

Supported Employment Services serve adults considered intellectually disabled who:

  • demonstrate a desire to work at a job in the community;
  • show promise of being able to succeed at competitive employment (ability, desire, availability, and adaptability to work); and
  • benefit from employment, employment-related work opportunities and/or employment–related training

Supported Employment Services also includes The Flower Cart Group’s Literacy Program.