Welcome To Flowercart

Who are we?

Flowercart provides vocational service to adults considered intellectually disabled who reside in Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Flowercart is a registered non-profit, charitable organization.

Mission Statement

Flowercart promotes community participation by adults considered to have an intellectual disability through supported training and employment.

What is an intellectual disability?

An intellectual disability is an impaired ability to learn. It sometimes causes difficulty in coping with the demands of daily life. It is a condition which is usually present from birth, and it is not the same as a mental or psychiatric illness.
We refer to people for who they are rather than their disability. Our preferred terminology is: people considered intellectually disabled or a person considered intellectually disabled, not, the disabled or a disabled person.

For more information on preferred terminology please refer to A Way with Words.

What do we do?

Over the last 40 years, Flowercart has served hundreds of adults in a wide range of service options including, but not limited to: prevocational program, vocational program, community employment program including an Outreach project  (Partners In Employment Outreach), sponsored by Department of Community Services.

The prevocational program, or Developmental Services Area as it is more commonly known, teaches the work skills associated with various packaging and assembly contracts. The program’s emphasis however is on providing participants with training and counseling to enhance their personal growth.

The vocational program provides job specific training and training in work-related attitudes, habits, and interpersonal skills. The vocational program is comprised of two departments: Baker’s Choice Fine Foods and Used Clothing/Woodworking. Baker’s Choice Fine Foods sells home-style bread products. Used Clothing/Woodworking collects, processes, and sells used clothing to used clothing retailers and wholesalers. It also makes kindling and other wooden items, such as picnic tables, for retail and wholesale sales.

Community Employment Services (CES) offers a wide range of opportunities for supported training and employment in the community.  CES employees provide one-to-one support to clients who get competitive jobs. To create employment, they operate small businesses and administer work contracts and other employment arrangements. They also provide small group training to clients, for example, adult basic literacy, to increase their employability. Partners In Employment Outreach employees provide services to clients who are able to work at competitive jobs in the community, and to their employers.

“I like the mission and initiatives of Flowercart. They focus on skills, being productive, and the caring heart.”
-Rev. Roy White (Ret.) Friend of Flowercart


Flowercart is a proud member of DirectioNS Council for Vocational Services Society.

Statement of Confidentiality

Thank you for visiting Flowercart’s website. At Flowercart we value privacy and we are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information in accordance with our confidentiality policy, applicable information protection legislation and public expectations for confidentiality. For information, please contact the Executive Director, or call 902-681-4541.